A Bunch of Outcasts
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there is something so incomprehensibly flattering about getting asks about your OCs. Like— someone, somewhere, somehow was so interested in this person you made up that they took a whole minute out of their day to inquire about some random, mundane aspect of their life and that’s beautiful to me

What are your feelings on people whom are LDS?

(Well, I’m not quite sure. This is the first time I have heard this term. What does it mean when people are LDS?)


The halls are white, stained glass adorning the windows. There are chattering friends, relatives, and colleges abound. Noraf is playing her harp, as children play near the back of the hall. The day is sunny, perfect for a wedding.

Blight waits at the front, checking his watch. Thundera is…

"Congratulations!", adds Melissa from the back, as she watches over all of the children with Freia.

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"Yay~!" Freia hums joyfully.

"Mmm, love you, Freia~"

"Not quite, but yeah!" The girl smiles, trying to hop up and be hugged.

Melissa smiles, and comes down lower for her, to hug her. “Mmph, there you go, honey~”

The tall Chubbyvoir makes her way nearby the Syldevoir, not a care in the world. However, it is only as she does a double-take does she truly notice Vanille. "Oh? Well, there's something you don't see everyday? Ahh, hello, dear. Who might you be?~"





Vanille was busily concentrating on a Fletchling that was darting to and fro in front of her — but her ears flicked, and she picked up on the presence of another Gardevoir. Turning, she spotted a very tall Gardevoir, and not too soon after she was being spoken to.

"Oh hello there! My name’s Vanille! Pleased to make your acquaintance," she tipped her head back so she could see the other Gardevoir’s face, "and what’s your name dear?"

Erin’s ears perk up, and droop softly, at the mention of finding scenes of fights and death. Hell, that would be enough to deter her, as well.

It’s another moment of observing Vanille cleaning her meal and listening to her before Erin speaks up again, herself.

"I see. Now, please forgive my ignorance, but what is a Sylveon, then?" She crosses her arms as she wracks her brain for anything close to the name. "Eevee family, maybe? No? Umm, wait, yes?"

She gives a sheepish chuckle, hoping that Vanille would fill her in on the information she was having so much trouble trying to pin down.

"It is an evolution of Eevee, yes. The ‘eon’ gives that away in most cases,” she nodded her head a little, “though I’m the result of breeding a Gardevoir and an Umbreon. Um… of course this is unnatural and impossible under normal circumstances.”

The Syldevoir quickly seemed to coil in on herself, “you’re quite tall for a Gardevoir, Erin. Are you from a tall family?”

"Unnatural?" She tilted her ear fins some as she took this in. How could something as unnatural make someone as healthy and as beautiful as Vanille? She just wasn’t ready to believe that!

However, Vanille just asked her a question, a personal one at that, so she may as well respond.

"Oh? Well, in a way, I might? I was actually a sickly runt of a child, when I was born. However, I’m sure that my family tree is rather varied, so maybe that’s why I’m so tall?" She looks down at herself, also grabbing her middle lightly. "Mmm, and rather squishy, aside from some of this being the twins I’m expecting…? Oh, I’m sorry. I went off-topic. Sorry about that!"